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HR Learn-in E-Learning Webinar Project (v2.0)?

NEW Topics & Modules, More Mentors & Expertise, Digital Badges & Certificates, Practical Learning and much more...
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HR Learn-In Webinar Project (v1.0)

12 Mentors, 12 Topics & Modules, 12 Weeks, Over Live 300 Participants across the Globe

Accomplished on June 2020, click here for your reference. kindly check the below details for upcoming projects and initiatives.


lcarlson: thank you all, I learned a lot from the mentors, appreciate this format.

Razia Pakeer: Thank you all for your time and the excellent training, sharing your expertise and providing very useful and important knowledge/information. Very helpful. Looking forward to the next level.

Jean Bonifas: Check out the Applied Improvisation Network

Padmini Alex: Thanks for your commitment,, Dear Mentors

Sana Shamshad: Thank you every one.

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Disclaimer: HR Learn In is a CSR initiative crowd sourced by the kind donations of intellectual property (IP) from the subject matter experts (SMEs) who participate. All content is provided as opensource, general information and participants need to be aware that the content and opinions expressed are attributed to those individuals themselves. For specific legal or medical guidance participants should contact appropriately qualified and licensed professionals directly.